(Medical Service Directory) is a North-Star Alliance and FPD initiative that seeks to create an easy to access directory of health services in the SADC region.

The goal is to create a web application that assists users in finding their nearest healthcare facility based on their location and required service.

How it works: users access the website at from their mobile device or computer (preferably ensuring that the GPS functionality on their phones – or wifi on computer - is enabled if they have those features). The site will access the location of the user and place them on a map. There are then a list of services that the user can click on, alternatively the user can type a search into the search box at the bottom of the list. Once this is done, the website will pull up a list of health facilities/services that are available, ranked from closest geographical proximity to furthest. The user can click/scroll to any of the services on the list or on the map.

Once clicked, the facility details will appear. This includes details of services offered, operating hours, phone numbers and addresses. It also has a click-to-call button and a get-directions button which provides accurate navigation from where the user is to the facility. This is the first cross border initiative of its kind and by far the most well supported database in comparison to any other online directory in the region.