North-Star Alliance

North-Star Alliance mission is to provide mobile populations and related communities with sustainable access to high quality health services. This app has been designed for use by North-Star Alliance as a mapping tool that will enhance the referrals of truck drivers along the major trucking routes in Africa. It has been made publically available for usage by all internet users in the SADC region.


mapIT offers businesses high quality digital maps with accurate and extensive coverage of Sub-Saharan Africa and across the globe. Furthermore we offer this map data on the world's foremost Location Based Services (LBS) platform, we are your all-encompassing digital mapping company.

Partnering with the Compass Project, mapIT provides software and technical support to assist in the geocoding and map production of HIV/AIDS service providers nationally. They also provide the interactive web mapping page that allows people to search for their closest HIV testing facility and get directions.

Foundation for Professional Development

FPD is a South African Private Institution of Higher Education established in October 1997 by the South African Medical Association. The mission of FPD is to ensure the availability of skilled professionals, allied workers and managers who will be able to deliver a service to the public that is affordable, evidence based and congruent with international best practice. The vision of FPD is to build a better society through education and development.

FPD Compass is currently conducting a mapping exercise through the SADC region for North-Star Alliance to build a more robust referral system for the mobile populations that they service.